Are You Reeeeeaaaaally Different?
"What makes you different?"

This question, posed by every potential client (and mentor) in one way or another, used to leave me a stuttering, sweaty mess.

I had no idea what made me different! I was freakin' raised Catholic, which meant if you were special in any way, shape, or form, you'd better humble (:ahem: SHAME) yourself before you burn for eternity in hell from being too vain.

So when I started my business + tried to communicate my value, it was like someone wrapped a blindfold around my eyes, spun me around 'til my stomach lurched, then let me loose in a junkyard at night.

I bumped into every verbal + emotional piece of debris you can imagine. #getmeouttahere

I quickly learned that what I perceived as humble, my audience saw as self-deprecating. Where I thought I was being likeable, I was actually being confusing.

It was time for this Fairy Godmother to grow some brass wands!

For the first time in my life, I saw myself + my genius for what it truly was, and I was taken aback at the unique value I bring to this world.
::I am a lifetime professional storyteller with an epic entertainment background that started when I was 6 months old. That was almost 30 years ago.

::I understand emotions + language like only a storytelling empath + intuitive can.

::I prize relationships of all kinds as sacred bonds of sisterhood + I spent a lifetime learning how to break the abusive cycle I was born into in order to teach people how to relate to one another with love, compassion, and understanding.

::My genius isn't a regurgitated twist on old marketing techniques, but what marketing always desired to be—a way for people to connect to their fairy tale clients in a way that builds true intimacy, trust, and community, creating an epic catalyst for change.

Once I was able to embrace my personal brand of magic, it spilled over to my clients like wild fire.

Delfina was able to grow an engaged community, position herself as a leader within her niche, and dissolved her fear and confusion around marketing (especially on social media).

Ashley got a new client right away and said, "Your model is a method is not something that's recycled. It's new, it's innovative, it's happening, and it's results oriented."

And Tara took her biz message to a whole new level and said, "I have tried and tried to nail down my core message and in a short time you have helped me so much! My work is being infused with a whole new level of passion, and excitement."

I've finally learned how to stand for my magical value + purpose, because without taking that stand, you cannot truly help. What makes you different?

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