How I Became A Storytelling Marketing® Strategist + Consultant
I was cramped in a metal box falling toward the bottom of a lake, water spilling through the cracks, my hands + feet chained while gasping for my last bits of air before the oxygen was replaced with silence. My life forgotten among the rocks beneath the waves.

That’s exactly what it feels like to be trapped in a business or job you despise.

Back in May 2015, I was one of the standout students in Amy Porterfield’s Profit Lab with a business I couldn’t be more disconnected from.

I earned praise from one of my business idols. I was seen as an expert + someone to reach out to for help by my peers. And I absolutely hated what I was doing.

It needed to change.

I knew I loved entrepreneurs. Their fire. Their drive. Their persistence + charisma. Their innovative minds + compassionate hearts.

I was in love. THIS is who I was meant to serve.

But how the fuck was I going to serve them?

I spent my life acting, singing, modeling, and writing. I was just a storyteller.

How could I help these unbelievable change-agents get their genius out into the world in a powerful way to make the legendary impact they were born to make?

Ding, Ding, Diiiiing!

Every entrepreneur needs to know how to connect with their audience, share their message, and tell stories to market their products, programs, and services.


I found messaging + entrepreneurial storyteller experts of all kinds:

:The Brand Storyteller who tells you how to tell ONE surface story around your business—as if that’s all you’re ever gonna need.

:The Messaging Storyteller who tells you how to convert people + use cool phrases (that don’t sound like you at all—or feel good) because that’s what “people need to hear.” Swipe files. That’ll cure all your messaging needs ever right?

:The Surface Storyteller who tells you to share your life story according to a general blueprint (that completely ignores emotional intelligence or considers your audience) because your complete life story can fit into a nice little schematic. ::facepalm::

:The Masqueradeing Storyteller who is incredibly gifted with clever words, wit, and charisma, but doesn’t actually have any experience with professional storytelling, storytelling techniques, or storytelling mindset to help you truly connect with your audience in a profound way over + over again. ‘Cuz consistent results are for suckers.

:The Wannabe Storyteller who decided tall tales, a six pack of Bud Light, and reading a few contemporary YA fantasy books was all it took to help you shape the messages you’re sharing to grow + build relationships with your audience, to build the community of millions you’ve been dreaming of.

*Enter MOI—the connector of souls, the genie of feels, the shaman of stories, the caller of bullshits, and the entertainment shouter (I don’t whisper).

There was finally a place where I could share the genius I spent a lifetime cultivating, serving the people I adored. A place where I could make a difference + change lives doing what I LOVED to do.

Dropping the old business + moving into Storytelling Marketing™ full time was the second best decision of my life (partnering up with my husband would be the first ;) ), and it’s been an amazing ride ever since.

Now, I wanna hear your story. How did you become the expert you are today?

Tell me in the comments <3

Love + Magic,

Your Biz Fairy Godmother®

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