How Storytelling Elevates Your Marketing + Your Income
If you wanna be a leader in your industry, it’s im-freakin'-perative that you learn storytelling skills (+ storytelling skills are NOT what you think they are).

Here’s five ways storytelling elevates your marketing + your income.
Storytelling Increases The Perceived Value Of Your Programs, Products, And Services
The Significant Object Project was an anthropological + literary experiment to see if stories written about items for sale would increase their value. In the first year, they bought $128.74 worth of junk from the thrift store + sold it for $3,612.51—that’s a 2,706% value increase.

Storytelling Makes Your Marketing More Memorable + Trustworthy
When you’re telling stories + your audience is engaged, you’re activating the same parts of your audience’s brain as yours. The better you become at storytelling + utilizing storytelling techniques, the more sections of your audience’s brain light up, leading to higher quality memory encoding.

In other words, when you tell your audience a great story, they’re more likely to remember it + remember you as the expert of the subject you’re talking about.

The cool part? This is equally effective in writing as it is in person, on video, or listening to audio. You can pick your favorite communication medium and run with it!
Storytelling Sets You Apart From Other Leaders + Players In Your Industry
Your experiences are what give you the creative edge in your business + suit you to serve a particular audience. By sharing your story, your experiences, and developing your biz voice, you show up for your people in the way only YOU can. Your story is your X-Factor.
Storytelling Overcomes Your Audience’s Objections
Stories serve as allegories for your audience’s emotional journey. When you share your experiences, they’re able to identify with you + see themselves in your shoes. That makes you the bridge to their transformation. But they don’t know that bridge exists unless you show them, and there’s no better way to show your audience than using story.

By becoming the bridge to your audience’s transformation, you can show people how to overcome the objections they might have by showing them how you overcame the same situation (or worse), which increases your sales + reduces the stress of the purchasing experience for your people.
Storytelling Creates Deeper Emotional Investment (The Precursor To Financial Investment)
Good storytelling activates multiple senses, connects to your audience emotionally, and appeals to their intellect. The more solid your storytelling skills, the more your audience feels understood by you, and the deeper you can connect with your audience. The deeper your audience’s emotional connection, the more likely they are to buy.

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