What To Do When Your Messaging Is Unclear or Off
That stupid fucking cursor blinks at you, reminding you of all the words you want to say but have no idea how to arrange on the page.

You have a message—an important one.

Yet despite how many times you tap your fingers, get up and pace, or rewrite your posts, it never comes out right.

It’s never clear enough. Something is missing.

When your message is stuck, it’s a symptom of something much deeper.

You’ve got a niching problem, hunnie.

When you don’t know your people intimately, your message gets all gunked up, general, and confusing as all getout.

Here’s what to do:

-Shake it off + get a fresh perspective. Dwelling and getting frustrated won’t help you here.

-Think about what you know about your audience, and also ask yourself what you don’t know. Do you know enough to write copy true to them + yourself? Or do you need to learn more?

-Speaking of learning more—don’t be afraid to do more market research. That’s never gonna go away. As an entrepreneur, you NEED to become friends with market research. The more you do, the more you’re gonna understand your people, and the more they’re gonna love you.

-Focus on the tangibles. Not sure what those are? Stuck on all the feels your people receive or express? Think about what your ideal client’s feelings create in their life; how they show up. For example, if your ideal client is stressed out, do they stress eat, workout, hermit away, procrastinate, watch tv? How does stress show up in their life? Rinse and repeat the process with any feels you’re stuck on.

Before you can have a clear message, you must have a clear picture of who your people are. Otherwise, you’ll always struggle to talk to them.

Where are you struggling with understanding your people or your message?
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