A bright-eyed coach helping heart-centered biz peeps create their ultimate real-life fairy tale by mastering their copy + marketing — even if they hate writing.
Synonyms: copy enchantress, storyteller, fairy godmother, authentic marketing master, social media extraordinaire
See also: Spiritual BAMF, Pit Bull Lover, Fairy Tale Enthusiast, YA Fantasy Obsessed
Hey, You! I’m PollyAnna
(and yes, that is my REAL name)
If you’ve been struggling with your copy +
 marketing, fret not longer, my friend.
I’ve got your back
(::fairy godmother wand in hand::)!
You deserve to live a life that makes you feel so giddy that rainbows and sparkles spontaneously shooting from your booty is an actual concern.
Your copy + marketing doesn’t have to be hard or feel gross for you to have the life you’ve always dreamed of. Your fairy tale audience is eager to connect with you.
I’m living proof you CAN have it all, quickly, + feel over-the-moon about it (and so will your clients). All it takes is authenticity, communication, + a pinch of fairy dust 
Sound too good to be true?
Take a gander at my Happily Ever After biz:
Every morning, I wake up to epic cuddles with my beloved (seriously, they are the best thing ever).
Not a single day passes that I don’t feel BLESSED, LOVED, + AT PEACE.

My clients are my kindreds. Introverted, shy, and unique as all get out with heart + drive that never quit.

Reading by the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate, and binge watching Netflix or the latest CW lineup with my handsome hubby is no longer a fantasy, but my daily routine.

Playing more than working is abso-freakin’-lutely necessary.

Everything about my biz feels aligned with how I desire to live my life.

Copy + Marketing are no longer words that bring up fear or feel sleazy, but instead are agents of change, liberation, and authenticity.

Going to work means doing meaningful work that I love + eating decadent food that nourishes my body, while cuddled up to my amazing Pit Bull fur children, Franklin and Chloe.

I am the master of my story, and I get to write my ultimate fairy tale experience.

This is my Happily Ever After Manifesto.
What This Means For You:
 If you’re sick + tired of struggling with writing soul-sucking copy that doesn’t feel like YOU.

If you’re soooo over the pushy, fear-inducing marketing that feels gross, forced, and inauthentic.

If you desire to connect with your audience in a way that feels decadent + easy.

If you’re ready to stop spending thousands of dollars on copywriters and endless hours of frustration staring at a blank screen.

If you’re ready for fairy tale clients to swim the proverbial moat for a chance to work with you.

If you’re ready for your income to soar + your biz to uplevel.

Then I’m the fairy godmother for you.
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Biz Wishes Come True
PollyAnna Brown is the owner of PK Media, a marketing and PR firm specializing in storytelling and story-based copywriting.

She's also the creator of Storytelling Marketing®, a marketing system based in professional storytelling that helps entrepreneurs more effectively share their powerful message. 

PollyAnna has two master’s degrees in psychology and creative writing.

Her work has been featured in publications such as K-Y®, Kindred Spirit Magazine, Wake Up World News, Spiritual Awakening Magazine, eHow and more.

When she’s not conducting her Biz Fairy Godmother® duties, you can find her curled up on the couch with her handsome husband + their adorable pit bull children, Franklin + Chloe, watching Netflix, reading a book, designing something creative, or baking out-of-this-realm lemon bars.

To check out her biz tips, stories, and advice, visit www.pollyannabrown.com.

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