I know copy + marketing can feel overwhelming at best and like an anvil tied to your feet after you’ve been thrown into a lake, killing your inspiration (and sales) for your biz at best.

But the truth is, copy + marketing can become effortless + passionate with just a few simple tweaks (Yes, you can ACTUALLY grow to LOVE this stuff!).

That’s Why I’m Here.
I’m here to help you take the reins of your biz back, so you can be the master of your biz story, and start living the real-life fairy tale you were born to live (check out my HAPPILY EVER AFTER MANIFESTO to learn more about that shiz-nit).

I’m PollyAnna, and I help introverted entrepreneurs (like you!) create their fairy tale biz with Storytelling Marketing®, so you can make bank while bingeing on cinematic adventures.

So let’s get to it.
Fairy Godmother Biz Tips
Let’s take your biz + turn up the magic
Tip #1: Lead With Relationships
No one wants to feel like they are “being sold to,” and let’s be honest, YOU don’t wanna feel like you’re “selling.” So DON’T. You totally don’t have to. Stop thinking of your copy +marketing as a way to sell to peeps, and start using it as a way to make a positive difference in your audience’s lives. Lead with your heart + expertise.
Tip #2: Authenticity Wins
Your copy and marketing should sound + feel like YOU. The feeling your audience should get from reading your words is that they’re there in the room with you. Be you, show up, and let your audience connect with the REAL you (‘cuz you freakin’ rock!).
Tip #3: Know Where You Need to Be
I know that this digiverse of biz glory can be confusing as all get out! I hear you. But you don’t have to be everywhere in order to be seen. As a matter of fact, that’s the LAST thing you should do. The quality of your social media and online presence is waaaaaay more important than the quantity. Find out where you need to be + rock out your expertise THERE.
Tip #4: You Don’t Need a Brand Persona
One of the fastest ways to alienate your audience + tank your biz is to “put on” a brand persona that you think your audience wants. Fact is, your audience wants YOU. They want to know how you really speak and think. They want to feel like they know you, because if they don’t, they are never going to trust you (or buy from you). Your brand should be styled around you to make your gifts + personality shine. You should not try to get yourself to conform around a “smart” or “interesting” brand idea. YOU are fascinating, and your brand should showcase you.
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