The Magic Everybody's Talkin' About...
Regina Wamba: 
Award Winning Designer, Photographer, & Branding Expert
"PollyAnna has a knowledge that surpasses awesome. It’s creative, intuitive and smart. She whips up ideas to help YOU apply business magic on a personal level. With her intensive I’ve learned HOW to be smart with business marketing, storytelling and the functionalities that go with it. It’s more than just posting to social media and hoping magic happens.
If you’re ready to LEARN and APPLY mastermind tactics to make your business FLY… PollyAnna really is a badass fairy godmother. Sprinkling all that marketing glitter everywhere… making businesses smarter. And THAT equals better cash flow… FOR YOU."

Hosna Shahin:
Online Business Manager

"She helped me get out of the overwhelm in my head and put a timeline for my goals. It was a breath of fresh air for me as I was about to go crazy. After 2 months of working together, PollyAnna helped me have a full Online Business Management business. Thanks to her guidance and support, I was able to raise my monthly income from barely making $1500 & $2000 per month to consistently making $3000 & $4000 per month.
Working in my business has been a long exciting but exhausting journey and I feel like now I'm where I want to be, doing what I love with clients I adore. I'm grateful for crossing PollyAnna's path and working with her. She's absolutely amazing as a person and a coach and I love working with her!!"
Delfina Bonilla-Lopez:
Self-Care Expert, Coach & Educator
"When I met Polly, I was totally at a loss on how to leverage Facebook as resource to connect me to my tribe. I actually didn’t even understand how to connect to people via Facebook PERIOD.
Polly helped me not only get past this fear, but figure out just how to make that connection by telling my very own stories. I was afraid to tell them. I didn’t think anyone would listen or care, but it turns out, I was wrong. I just had to find the people who needed me.
She especially helped me do that by niching (which I was resistant to doing) and opened my eyes to just how much niching could help position me in front of my ideal clients. I’m so glad I niched! On top of all of this, she’s just gone above and beyond. When I’ve had questions, she’s embraced them and given answers, which is really special and unique to her.
Polly is so incredibly invested in your success that it’s truly remarkable. I’m so honored that I’ve had the chance to work with her. She’s completely changed my business and the brand and voice behind it. Thank you Polly!”
Jan Messersmith:
Visionary Business Strategist
"I've finally begun communicate my offerings in a way that is truly authentic and clear. PollyAnna Brown is like having a wordsmith and a copywriter in your back pocket, she is super easy to work with and totally over gives.
If you are considering jumping in do not delay. Her insights on Storytelling in marketing is where the industry is headed and needs to go. So get on it if you are ready to move your business forward.""
Leimomi Keliikuli:
Psychic Business Mentor
"That was absolutely Magical PollyAnna what you just took me through for your intensive! It literally felt like you took me into a vision quest journey to get to my soul's authentic voice and understanding how to bring out my own self expression that is totally transformational to my innate storyteller within.
PollyAnna is a Master genius at her craft! Hands down the BEST! All I feel is deep love in my heart now because I know what my message is and my audience!"
Chamika A.:
Online Business Manager + Strategist
“I LOVED our intensive. I was impressed with your quick insight and catalyzing powers. I also loved the real time writing and immediate and relevant feedback. You definitely are the Biz Fairy Godmother.
It’s so funny how biz works — I wish I met you at the beginning of my business journey last year instead of wasting so much time and effort and money on so many other so-called experts. I learned more in 1 intensive than I did with 1 year of hiring pros and taking courses.“

Ashley R.:
Her Smart Marketing 
“One session with you was like 30 sessions with another coach. I implemented what we talked about and I gota new client right away! It’s the most value I’ve ever gotten.”

Mia Z.:
Cre8tive Idea Strategist
“When I first saw PollyAnna Brown’s nickname, I smirked. But then I spoke to her, for much longer than we had scheduled, and there was truly something magical about the conversation.
The philosophies that PollyAnna shared with me were familiar, and yet she intuitively knew how to present them to me in a way that felt fresh and natural. By the time we reluctantly ended the call, I felt as if I had a new friend and was fired up to put her suggestions into action. I highly recommend PollyAnna if you’re in need of a fairy godmother for your business.”
Cassie A.:
Biz Transition Coach
I had a session last night with the amazing PollyAnna Brown and I was blown away– and I’m still so full from all the gorgeous messaging value she gave me out of our short but sweet time together.

If you’re at all in a rut with your messaging and marketing and you know you love reaching out to your audience authentically with your own unique voice and style- get in touch with this amazing gift of a lady.
I want to share how incredible my experience because if you’re struggling to share your message and communicate with your tribe/clients from that soulful place, this lady can wave her magic wand, sprinkle you with love and fairy dust and have you pumped about sharing your own message- and that’s all within 20 minutes!  

Before our session I was anxious and felt blocked about how I convey my message and value, and after I felt excited at what PollyAnna had helped me uncover I naturally have within.
I’m seriously hoping to work with her in the future, but I wont be surprised if she gets filled up quickly! I’m so full of gratitude for her sharing her services in this way heart emoticon Thank you PollyAnna, YOU ROCK!”
Cassie A. – Biz Transition Coach
Nichola S.:
Angelic Rebel
“I feel like I spent time with a fairy right in a story book. It was a really lovely session.
She knows how to coach.
And she does so with a really loving voice, an open heart and uber friendly personality. I’m not easy to coach, I am trained so I know if I’m being coached well or not. And I was. I also work with energy so I easily feel and know people from the inside out, and she is all warm, loving and kind. I’d say that working with her would be like finding a lucky charm.“